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  • Narrowbody Cargo question

    Hello everyone,

    I'm just wondering if FedEx, UPS, DHL etc. use the belly cargo hold on aircraft that can't fit cans down there like the B757. I guess it makes sense if they do as we load a lot of boxes into the belly of Westjet aircraft, but I'm not sure
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    I work the ramp only on widebody/freighters and even smaller freighters than 757s are palletized and containerized as well just there are smaller cans and pallets to fit them. Certain aircraft sizes have different size cans and pallets simple I usually work with 777s and A330's
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      how do you move a pallet in the belly of a 757? Doesn't it have a hold the size of the bulk cargo area in a wide body.

      I may usually work on Westjet's 737's and occasionally their Q400, but I have also worked on Aer Lingus' 757 and I don't think any size of pallet could fit down there
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        When I was flying UPS and Fedex contracts neither was yet using the 757, but both had a lot of 727's and they loaded the belly cargo areas to capacity by hand all the time. To speed this up they used a human chain like a bucket brigade. If they haven't developed custom belly containers for the 757 then I would assume they are still hand loading the belly compartments.


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          At present AA is still 'hand loading' the narrow-body fleet's cargo and luggage in the hold. There are no containers created for them because apart from them being added weight, there is very little want for them when the CBA comes into play.

          Dedicated freighters are a little different though, in that the passenger cabin is replaced, and so pallets or containers can occupy that space. I guess that you can also still hand load the 'baggage hold' as well
          That said, recently a Miami based company announced that they are going to be working on A320 fam ily conversions.

          I posted it as a previous thread, and I am sure that if you visit their website there might be a few images or graphics to help illustrate.
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