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Funny and sad at the same time

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  • Funny and sad at the same time

    Apparently CNN has just discovered, to their amazement and horror, that airplanes sometimes land in crosswinds:

    (Pretty cool landing footage though)
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    I really wanted to see him kick a little left rudder and drop the right wing in the flare. I did one of those in Seattle a couple of weeks ago and did what any safe and sane captain would do. I mad the first officer fly the leg.
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      The reverse thrust after landing must have been quite exhilarating as well ! He must have been damn near halfway down the runway before getting a firm ground contact.
      Damn good flying though !
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        We had a fellow in an MD do a landing in Cleveland that was soooo deep into the crosswind that when I looked out my window it looked like I was flying and yeah, I was gripping the seat, we were deeper in that that fellow in Chicago.

        It was so bad that I stood at the windows a few moments and after a bumpy series of turns on the runway, to watch other incoming planes coming down final crabbed with wind rocking the wings, only to declare and go elsewhere; we were the last plane in. That's akin to being "third on a match".
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          It seems like the main point of that was to report about the wind delays... but still, nothing new.

          Also, she seemed amazed when BOTH tires created smoke. Did anyone else know planes did this?
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            Good first class crosswind footage.

            But GREAT CATCH on the media at it's finest!!!

            I thought Sully was getting paid to help them with stuff like this.

            I don't get it...sure- it's a valid newsworthy thing to run the footage, but the headlines along with the video are priceless, and yeah, where's the quote from an insider expert- "These look spectacular, but are not uncommon, are trained and practiced constantly, and are safe, and some pilots might even consider this fun"

            It is an interesting change in operations for ORD from not too many years ago...They used to have 3 sets of parallel runways aligned in 6 different directions and probably chased the wind a bit more.

            Now that it's in a 3/4-runway EW Paralell configuration...gotta keep the tin moving and let the pilots work it with good crosswinds. (even though they still have the other runways...just can't handle as much traffic then).
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