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Downtime in Southern South America?

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  • Downtime in Southern South America?

    Admittedly, this may very well lead into a tangent, however my ultimate goal is to understand what the issues are to solving a plague that is often suffered by Northern Hemisphere carriers serving cities on the Southern South American cities.

    Idle time has always been the bemoan of many dispatchers in the U.S. when it came to scheduling flights down to GIG, GRU, SCL, and/or EZE. I've even seen it discussed here as an issue, and judging from the flight times, I see that they can fully encompass of a widebody for an entire cycle. These aircraft spend some decent time on the ground, and the well known adage applies as presiding wisdom - planes on the ground do not make money.

    What is presently being done with the down time (any cool things, extra MX being done, deep cleaning the cabins, anything?)?

    Are 5th freedom rights (or Open Skies Agreements) difficult to work with or come by to fly to other South American cities during the mean time rather than sitting on the ramp?

    Do South American carriers do such a great job of covering the market already that there would be very little space to make any money on legs? Do 5th freedom right flights generally do well financially? I can't imagine that the idea would be foreign to ops and legal departments considering both DL's (via NW's past) base in Japan, or UA's extensive Aisan-Pacific network.

    Are there silimar issues for other Southern cities? How do foreign carriers operate out of JNB? Or, Australian or New Zealander operations?

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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