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Eurowings's new look!

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  • Eurowings's new look!

    I like it, with the tail design being vibrant, even against a white background. I guess that I'll have to see it more to see if the vibrancy lasts. I also want to see what the interiors will eventually look like, and if/how they are aligned to the LH mainline product.

    That said, it is a great fit into Germanwings's branding as well, and I can't wait to see how tying the two carriers under LH's new efforts (making domestic, and reigonal LCC, saving premuims for LH mainline on long-hauls) plays out.

    I truly expected an American Legacy to have done the same by now, and I can see (if successful in Germany), it working well here as well.

    Interestingly enough, where is the "Lufthansa Group" label under the door (as is on Germanwing's new c/s)?
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    Much better looking than the new Germanwings scheme