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  • The New Transavia!

    Ok, so considering what Transavia's past color schemes have been, I guess this is a progression of that trend - lessening of the green (from the sharp, dark greens of the past) to lighter, and more accessible branding to capture a customer base.

    Personally, I like it. I am not going to say that it is an improvement in the scheme, but consindering the overall branding effort - it works well. To be honest, the current/former scheme is a bit dated - feeling a bit mid-2000ish.

    I wish them the best with it, and think that it might well grow on me, IF KEPT CLEAN!

    Also, this will make a lot of the hybrid schemes away as was the case with BW when they leased one, or the few other carriers that have picked up their birds for excess capacity.

    I guess when compared to the near simultaneous changes over at Eurowings, it is about branding. One is certainly displayed more professionally, while the other - simply, and more accessibly.

    Something intersting to note though, from a great source;
    “The design is playful, accessible and flexible. A special feature is the application of icons to the underbelly of Transavia’s planes, with a different combination of icons for each plane in the fleet. Another symbolic livery feature appears next to the entrance, where the word ‘Welcome’ is written in all the languages of the countries served by Transavia. The identity continues to roll out across uniforms, catering trolleys, in-flight amenities and more, with a new website – developed by Mirabeau – to follow soon.”
    Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.

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    Was about time that Air France/KLM got their act together and launched a product similar to Lufthansa's Eurowings/Germanwings. If it works in Germany, it should work in France and the Netherlands as well.