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Russia needs help from foreign carriers for their World Cup...

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  • Russia needs help from foreign carriers for their World Cup...
    He said: “Taking into account the expected number of foreign fans such flights may be operated between the cities, which host the world cup and the cities, where fans and sportsmen will be accommodated". The minister expects that 1,8 million passengers will be transported by air during the world cup. A source familiar with the situation noted, that the Ministry of Transport is ready to offer such possibility to foreign airlines "as a help and insurance for Russian carriers taking into account the high level of this event".
    Call MAS, see if they have a 777 they can lend...

    Seriously, how much Vodka did the minister drink before he made this statement? We are still mourning the loss of Europeans, shot out of the sky, at the hands of the Russians, and now they want help?

    The Soviet Union fell how many years ago? One of the most corrupt nations on the face of the planet, used said corruption to acquire billions in oil wealth for decades. With all that time and money, they failed to build the basic infrastructures to hold the event? Russia is speaking to the World, via Ukraine, loudly proclaiming that they don't need help from anyone. Maybe spend less on invading Ukraine? Build a railroad for 2018? Even when Putin was putting money in that excuse of a man, Blatter's mouth, no one thought about it? Corruption that far ahead of common sense?

    Anyway, in case my tone betrayed my sentiment, I am more surprised that a Russian minister is thinking that far ahead (to 201, and is doing so fondly. It's growing more and more likely that transportation is going to be the least of their problems, and that's hoping that we even make it to 2018.
    Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.