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Air India decide against 787-9 order convert

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  • Air India decide against 787-9 order convert

    That board has cancelled plans to convert remmionng 788 orders to the larger aircraft, AI were going for 5-6 of the type and they would have been a replacement for their 777L fleet.

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    Bad idea, this is a lost opportunity to obtain a modern and very good airplane.


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      Originally posted by jarod View Post
      Bad idea, this is a lost opportunity to obtain a modern and very good airplane.
      They already are one of the longest serving operators of the 787-8. The 787-9, undoubtedly would have been a great aircraft to own and operate, however with AI's current financial standing, more planes might not be the best move. They have to work on prpfitability, and that in this case includes ridding themselves of planes that, while nice, and newer, might not be able to be operated profitably.

      They got rid of the 772LRs, removed the options for the 787-9, and just announced that they will be vancelling their orders for 3 777-300ER and replacing them with 10, or 11 737MAX (to go to AIX). In reality, despite bing the beheamouth of problems, staff, and financial dire - the airline is making a choice to head to profitability, and at this phase bigger planes might no be the answer.

      Do I think that we will see them order new wide-bodies aircraft? Sure, but not at this time. Get the books in order and make prudent moves from there.

      Keep in mind, AI has an amazing market at its fingertips, world class facilities as BOM, and DEL and should have had one of the lowest costs of any airline in the world (Well, thanks to AI inept management to make that last one rot), but also has to compete against almost all major European carriers on routes to Europe, and then there are the massive elephants in the room, the ME3, whose services are synonymous with the Indian cash-cow (pun intended).
      Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.