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How complex is International Reverse Logistics?

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  • How complex is International Reverse Logistics?

    Hello everyone,
    International freight forwarding is quite complex business. Can you please share your opinions about international reverse logistics? Does it affects the cost?

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    A little light bedtime reading for you.
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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      Thank you so much sir for sharing these links. The first link was worth reading. It actually cleared my confusion.


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        Whether your company is looking to import, or export goods it is vital that you choose a reliable Freight Forwarding company to handle your requirements. If you are importing purchased items for retail, or manufacturing purposes your company needs to have confidence in the fact that the goods will arrive on time, on schedule and in perfect condition. If there are any problems then manufacturing maybe delayed, or stopped and late arrivals will result in gaps within the retail environment, ultimately losing your company valuable money. If you are exporting items then you also must have confidence that your customers will not be left disappointed with late deliveries, after all, constantly blaming shipping delays is not acceptable when quality freight services are available. Few months ago I had taken the service from Dark Blue Shipping LLC, who providing total logistical services around the world and have played a vital role in the economic progress of the country.


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          Links were useful as I referred them for understanding the International Reverse Logistics and so thanks for the share


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            Thanks for the link.

            Life is Good


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              Originally posted by mickey985 View Post
              Thanks for the link.
              +1. Really useful info for all enthusiasts.
              I wouldn't call it complex, but it's not the most intuitive system.
              Also check out a logistics company I know