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  • detailed information about airplanes

    Hi Jetphotographers!

    When you take a photo, do you also think about the details of the planes? Do you guys know more sources where detailed data about different airplanes can be found? I'm sure you guys are interested in the details of planes when you take the photos and I am hoping you have some sources. We are building a database of airplane information and we are always trying to expand on it. Where do you get your information from?

    Thanks a lot!
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    We use many sources. One is our own database that has been built up over many years. Another is our site owners, FlightRadar24 which is probably the most detailed radar tracking service available and who directly link to photographs for pictures of tracked aircraft. Very often the simplest way to find data is to use a simple Google search of the registration.
    Everything available on our site and from FlightRadar24 is subject to copyright and permission must be obtained before it is used elsewhere.
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