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NASA Discovers a free lunch.

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  • NASA Discovers a free lunch.

    Generators on the wing engines provide electricity to run the rear engine, so it requires no fuel...

    Well, I guess that's true in a literal jet fuel is required AT the rear engine...

    Edit: No foul for harvesting what might have been previously wasted energy and declaring it basically as good as a free lunch, but it really doesn't say that.

    In the comment section of the article, someone hinted at the fallacy, to which someone seemed to seriously reply: "The generators are run off turbines which are powered by the air going by which comes from the motion of the plane". Brill yunt! and the future looks so bleak sometimes.
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    Popular mechanics is more popular than mechanics these days...

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      Maybe I'll stop by Glenn next time I'm at CLE and ask them about it.