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  • Need Help With a Tail Number


    Would someone be so kind as to help me with finding a plane's tail number?

    My daughter and her husband recently flew on a BRITISH AIRWAYS 747-400. She sent me a picture she took of their plane at the gate, showing mainly the front section of the plane. There are the letters "GF" visible on the nose wheel door.

    Is there any way to use these GF letters on the nose wheel door in determining the entire tail number of the aircraft?

    I would love to know for certain which BA 747-400 it was that they flew on by obtaining the full tail number.

    Thanks to anyone who can let me know here if the tail number can be determined through the use of these two letters.

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    That makes it G-BYGF
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      Wow that was quick, and also including that jetphotos link to pictures of the aircraft as well! I am going to forward that link to my daughter so they can see pics of their "ride!"

      Thanks so much for your time and expertise in your kind assistance ErwinS.