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Research project: Plane spotting at London Heathrow Airport

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  • Research project: Plane spotting at London Heathrow Airport


    My name’s Phil – I’m a master’s student at a university in London. As part of a methodology course that I’m taking I’m conducting a study on the experiences of plane spotters at London Heathrow Airport. Specifically, I’m hoping to explore the following:

    The changing nature and practices of plane spotting (flight apps etc)
    The social and community aspects e.g. enjoying the hobby with others and sharing images and videos online

    If anyone is interested in my study (I can provide more info) and would like to share their knowledge, stories and experiences of plane spotting, I’d be delighted to hear from you. I’m happy to meet in person at the plane spotting locations or over tea/coffee somewhere first. Likewise, if there are any plane spotting group meets I’d be keen to join. I live in west London which makes travelling to and from Heathrow easy.

    My email is [email protected] or I can be contacted on here.