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Tunisia suspend Emirates services

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  • Tunisia suspend Emirates services

    For not allowing Tunisian women under 30 onboard

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    Yes. I heard something like that. But what was first, the egg or the hen?

    Without the use of non-European sources (i.e. your source), I'd assume that first, EK has found two or three (or how many?) passengers who do not quite fulfil the EK requirements for a safe passenger. And then. The DTTA airport decided to ban all EK flights?

    Let me be honest, for my home airport, I simply can't imagine such a procedure. Here, we are happy about every airline which is able to establish and enforce own security measures. And that does not only include Emirates.

    How btw do you call the people who live in the Emirates? Dutchwoman is a female person who lives in the Netherlands, or, at least the dictionary says that such a word exists.

    PS: I always try to defend women who are younger than me. Thus, I don't quite believe that "younger than 30" was the reason so that EK decided to not let them fly!
    That's what airlines are good for, amongst others,
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