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Getting rid of the FO?

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  • Getting rid of the FO?

    I realize that both the idea and thread title may be provocative to some of you, just as it was when the head of Ryan Air joked about it a few years ago.

    However, it may seem more feasible when you think about it. To my knowledge, the primary, most immediate reason why there are two pilots in a commercial aircraft is in case of a medical emergency. There are other areas too, like sharing workload, CRM, and perhaps one that I'm underestimating: the social aspect.

    With todays technology the aircraft can virtually fly itself. I'm not sure how far takeoff/landing automation has come in commercial aviation, but the existance of drones etc certainly proves the technology is there.
    So by having just one human in the cockpit you actually have two enteties able to fly the plane already.

    Is this something we can expect in the future, like as when the flight engineers were invalidated back in the day?