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  • LHR Spotting Trip

    Dear fellows,

    for a spotting trip to LHR I am considering a hotel south of the runways (because of the proximity to Hatton Cross).

    I have Premier Inn Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 and Hilton Garden Inn in mind.
    Any ideas regarding floor number and room number?

    Do you have any other suggestions for hotels that also allow me to spot from the room and in walking distance to Hatton Cross?
    I've been to the Renaissance last year...but the light is not really useful for spotting.


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    Personally I'd just find the cheapest and then spot from Hatton cross station and Myrtle Ave. None of the hotel windows will open so it's going to make shooting difficult. The buses in and around LHR are free and regular. Of course it all depends on the direction of Arrivals/Departures and whether you want landing or take off shots.
    What days are you planning on visiting?


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      20-22 July: Saturday FIA and Sunday LHR.
      As the bus to the FIA leaves from Hatton Cross I thought it's more convenient to walk. In 2016, when I stayed at the Renaissance I missed one bus to T3 and was bloody late for the onward bus to the FIA. So, thats the motivation behind it.

      Except for the mentioned hotels, do you have any recommendations?


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        At that time of year the Renaissance is a good bet. Shooting from your room the light will be good for a couple of hours morning and evening. All depends of course on the runway in use. This is a handy tool for calculating sun position...,-0.4798,13/2018.07.22/19:51

        And here is the 2018 runway useage list. If the wind is from the east then the landing runway will be 09L.....
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          Renaissance Hotel

          I am also planning a trip and was planning to stay at the Renaissance. My only concern is if easterly operations are in place and landing is 09L will aircraft turn off the before reacing the Renaissance runway rooms?

          Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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            I'm sure there's an app these days that would make the wind blow in the right direction just in time for your stay.


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              Definitely go for the Premier Inn, by far the best hotel at LHR for shooting (Places like The Renaissance get lots of spotters, but you will be shooting backlit all day) There is a spotting guide for the Premier Inn at Not too much a walk for Myrtle, but if you have a car then forget Myrtle and go to Hounslow Urban Farm you will be able to park, and, have far better angles than Myrtle offers. But if you are planning more shooting outside the hotel room and the view doesnt matter, the Travelodge T5 at Colnbrook is the best lower priced hotel around, 29 a night/room if booked enough in advance.