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F.A.O.: Alex-TWA-777-Trude...

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  • F.A.O.: Alex-TWA-777-Trude...

    Your Luvable airline's hub in an old ragged out Flyover airport (Not_HOU, Not_DAL, Not_MDW) is a maxed out zoo!

    Time to close up the Sexy E-gates and terminal and takeover TWA-Ozark land and get the C & D gates buzzing again!

    Check in, Security, Baggage and pick-up-drop-off AND parking are all getting

    Last Friday- we had to wait for a gate to open up!

    This is not a flaming complaint, but instead a statement that WNSWA is growing fast and is genuinely maxing out the current facilities...this is while the True C gates sit grossly unutilized...(and while SW creeps down the former D gates, using E-numbers).

    This would also allow better pairing of SWA with our crazy EAS services which- although they have taken a hit, continue to refuse to die with connections to wonderful places like Ft. Leonard Wood, Burlington Iowa, Jonesboro Arkansas...(oh the Heartbreak as Cape Girardeau (and their hometown airline, Cape Airways) has forsaken Flyover International for ORD).

    The E-terminal could be mothballed, or maybe serve International or maybe even Gen-Aviation...I've always wondered if Flyover might find a unique niche by pairing airline service with general aviation?
    Anyway- is there some semi-serious talk about abandoning the E gates and moving to CD?
    Y'all are gonna have to move completely as there will be a significant cluster if you try to work out of both...(You mean my suitcase is way the hell over at the OTHER terminal).
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