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A little question about A350/787

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  • A little question about A350/787

    ust wondering what aircraft Airbus and Boeing designed their A350/787 to replace? My understanding of it at the moment is this:

    Boeing 787-3 = Boeing 757/Boeing 767-200ER
    Boeing 787-8 = Boeing 767-300ER/Airbus A330
    Boeing 787-9 = Boeing 767-400ER
    Boeing 787-10 = Boeing 777-200ER/Airbus A340-300

    Airbus A350-700 = Boeing 767-200ER
    Airbus A350-800 = Boeing 767-300ER/Airbus A330
    Airbus A350-900 = Boeing 777-200ER/Airbus A340-300
    Airbus A350-900R = Boeing 777-200LR/Airbus A340-500
    Airbus A350-1000 = Boeing 777-300ER/Airbus A340-600

    Also, will the A350 design be refined anymore? I know they've just confirmed a composite fuselage, A380 nose, and reduced thrust, but none of those has a great impact on appearance, will those ugly wingtips be improved at all? Also, will the 'XWB' bit be dropped from the names?


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    The 787-3 was only proposed. Boeing cancelled that variant when it was clear there was little interest in it.

    The 757 will actually be replaced by a yet-to-be-designated "Middle of Market" plane (at the moment unofficially called the 797).

    Also, there is no 350-700. The 350-900 Regional (if that's what you meant by "-900R") is actually designed for regional routes and will not be competing with the 777-200LR or the 340-500. The competitor to the 777-200LR is actually the 350-900ULR or Ultra Long Range.

    The 350 already has composites in much of the plane. The curved wingtips were specifically designed for the 350 so I doubt Airbus will replace those.


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      The 757 "will be replaced" ? It's already been replaced in effect by the latest versions of the 737 and A321.


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        From what I gather (and my understanding could be off) in aviation circles the 321NEO/LR still don't quite fit the bill compared to what the 757 does on a routine basis for some trans-Atlantic routes (granted, some routes are in fact being operated by the 321LR and now the MAX but in terms of operational payloads/performance, the 757 still holds value). In fact, DL can't wait to be the launch customer for the new 797 which is said to be the "true" 757 replacement.