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Final Virgin America flight 24APR, SFO-LAX VX1948

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  • Final Virgin America flight 24APR, SFO-LAX VX1948

    Ahoy friends!

    Long time no mastadons.

    I'm booked on the last Virgin America revenue flight on the 24th, just wondering if any of my jetphotos brethren will be there? It is a 2130 departure, but a party will start at the gate at SFO at 2000 where swag will be given out. If you aren't on the flight, a refundable ticket on AA/DL/AS will get you thru TSA and to the gate.

    Really sucks to see Virgin America go away. Feels like yesterday I took that picture in my avatar of the first Virgin A320 to arrive at SFO hanging out on the ramp, where it sat for ONE YEAR before they were allowed to start service. I ended up working in one of the ramp/apron control towers at SFO, and in addition to controlling the aircraft, we also control all the ops on the International Terminals(gates/signage/counters/baggage belts) so I ended up being an extension of VX ops and feeling like "part of the team".

    The last flight will be an A321, hopefully in VX colors and not one of the "More to Love" A321s about to hit the fleet. The good news is, N625VA will remain the only existing Airbus to get the Alaska colors until September, as AS does not want to take any planes down in the busy summer for painting. But after that point, they'll be painted very quickly as I understand.

    Hope to see some of you there, if not, I'll be getting into LAX at 2300 with nothing to do until I fly back the next day.

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    just wondering if any of my jetphotos brethren will be there?
    No, I won't. Btw, nice avatar...

    I just wonder how an airline, founded and based on SeaTac, is able to disappear from the skies, only after.. 14 years.. SeaTac here at my home airport is known for "products" which last for at least 21 years, see my signature, and my avatar.
    That's what airlines are good for, amongst others,
    The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
    And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
    Aviation enthusiast, since more than 35 years with home airport EDDL.