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The best place you think in South Africa?

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    Thank you!
    Thank you. This is very useful.


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      Originally posted by jvdl View Post
      I agree. As a fellow South African, the misinformation in this thread is astounding.
      Good that you mention it. Not only in this thread, but imho in the jetphotos forum as a whole, some people try to start a discussion. And which is the best way to start a discussion,
      either with a question
      with an assumption, and then you hope, that somebody knows it better than you, or that someone contradicts you.

      Discussion, that's why we are here, aren't we. The pope is able to utter things that don't necessarily have to be contradicted. But there's only 1 pope on this planet, so..

      Btw, do you know how I sit here and I wonder why until today nobody answered my last "Skytrax" forum entry?! I only wrote it because I thought, hey, somebody should contradict this. I was definitely not thinking, hey, I know the newest bull by the pope, this is the ultimate truth.

      Back on topic. South Africa? I like the Ocean, so Cape Town is one of my recommendations. I've never been there, but you can assume that I know one or two (or three) destinations from the LH summer schedule 2018.. And I use these destinations with Randazzo's LH-B744 simulator. On the top of Table Mountain, in dusk, with all the lights..?

      I don't know if FACT (Cape Town International) is open all night, for scenic flights. Big city lights. But if South Africa, that would be the beginning of my to do list.

      PS: The number is, LH #576 .
      That's what airlines are good for, amongst others,
      The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
      And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
      Aviation enthusiast, since more than 35 years with home airport EDDL.