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JetPhotos Won't Let Me Try Again

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  • JetPhotos Won't Let Me Try Again

    So, I've had 6 of my photos rejected from JP; no huge deal. However, they then denied me the ability to try to upload more. They said "-1 queue slots." I've emailed them twice asking for help, and asking when I'd be able to upload again, but they only redirected me to the site, where the question still went unanswered. Can anyone please help?

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    You will be able to reupload once the rejections have cleared which takes two weeks. If you are a first time uploader you initially only get 5 upload slots. Each rejection causes the loss of an upload slot until it clears.
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      Thank you, Brian, for your clear explanation. I truly appreciate that! I believe it's almost been two weeks, so we'll see how soon it is until I have another slot. Thank you again for your assistance!