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  • DFW 2018 developments

    2018 has been a big year for DFW, not only did they get 2 new icelandic airlines, but there are also rumors of TK and EL announcing in the coming months.Please talk about rumors of new airlines and just news about DFW airport

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    They really need to spiff up the older terminals...Hurts to say this, but parts of the place have gotten old.
    Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.


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      DFW has been in the midst of a multi-year multi-billion dollar project, acronymed TRIP - Terminal Renewal and Improvement Project. This involves gutting out the entire old HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems, replacing the old FIDS monitors and installing more glass for more natural lighting. Wayfinding signage will also be improved, and more space has been created in the terminals as well. The TRIP work has been complete in Terminals A and E, and now work is in porgress/wrapping up in B. Whether or not TRIP work will go ahead in Terminal C is not clear since American and the airport are in talks about Terminal F. I've seen rumours that once Terminal F opens, AA will move Terminal C operations there and abandon Terminal C entirely, but not sure if that's official or not. But yes, the improvements have been well-received in A and E, and will be well-received in Terminal B I'm sure once they're complete in that terminal.

      Of interesting note is the fact that DFW and American Eagle announced a couple months ago that the Terminal E satellite will be renovated with upto 15 gates for use by Eagle. Good news for me, since whenever I travel internationally, I mostly transfer through DFW and do spotting from the E satellite whenever I can. This ensures it will stay open and not be closed again like it was for several years in the mid 2000s once DL/DL Connection closed shop.