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Qantas VH-ZNF Kangaroo

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  • Qantas VH-ZNF Kangaroo

    Qantas latest Dreamliner VH-ZNF Kangaroo is returning to London Heathrow as QFA9D, it left Perth Western Australia at 10:13am (WST) 4/09/2018 .

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    Sorry about the mistake, it's not Kangaroo for VH-ZNF the name for VH-ZNF is Boomerang : roll:


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      For me, it is always better to understand, if you'd give me one jetphoto. But trust me, I'm your friend. I'm able to find a photo of the VH-ZNF.. Here it is. But I rather observe the IATA airline code in combination with the a/c type, so in my eyes it is a..

      QF-B789 "Boomerang" at Brisbane

      Her name indeed seems to be Boomerang. Very nice. But there is one thing which I should tell you, if you are a 'Kangaroo'...

      This is the bird which I really miss in Germany:

      QF-B744ER at Rhein/Main

      Now you certainly know the name of this in my eyes most beautiful Qantas bird of all times. Afaik it is the B744ER Oscar Echo Juliett "Wunala Dreaming". Don't know if she has yet another name.
      But here in Germany, we miss the Flyin Kangaroos!

      PS: Welcome to this little worldwide aviation forum... And, since I am here in this forum, we normally do not correct misspellings in topic titles. To be honest, since I am here there only was 1 case where the responsible men felt enough boredom to do sth like that.

      So, this topic will stay a Qantas Kangaroo. Which I find much more important.. you are here only since a week or less? That's cute. In Germany we call such a person "ein Küken".

      So again, feel a warm welcome!
      "Today, we stop shouting." yes. Finally! I love it.
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