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  • LH-B744
    Somebody in the past told me, don't write so very lengthy entries. Or was that a wish that I had by myself, after I (only rarely) read what I've written..

    So, is it possible, +1? The topic is guilty, it tells so many many stories..

    Kai Tak, I regret it, too. In combination with Kai Tak, I was able to learn that my nickname not since the beginning of all days was equipped with the today so very common Star Alliance badge. Evidence? Sure, here it is:

    How I love this database.. In these cases, the jetphotographers are not sure when they took the pictures. I can give a little help. The Star Alliance was founded in May 1997. Thus, these jetphotos of, indeed, LH-B744s at Kai Tak
    without the Star Alliance badge

    are older than May 1997!

    As a comparison, LH-B744 (Star Alliance) at Kai Tak, not older than May 1997 (!) ... :

    Man, there are airports which really are missing on the globe.

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  • LH-B744
    Chek Lap Kok.. for people in East Germany that must seem like Utopia, a thing which is not real and never can be realized.. But VHHH is real, so very real with
    72.9 million passengers last year!

    I just wondered how far you can go with 2 runways. And within half a minute, that should've been a question especially for the people who know Gatwick airport. My assumption had been, well, let's take Gatwick and simply double it.

    But what have I learned just a moment ago. Gatwick is no longer the benchmark for big airports with only 1 runway, not since 2017! But they publish the numbers of 2016, when they still were the famous airport with only 1 runway. Here is the number for EGKK 2016:
    43.1 million passengers.

    So, if we double that, VHHH has to be strong until they reach 86.2 million passengers. Theoretically.

    If you ask me, 86.2 million passengers with only 2 runways is hell. Heathrow is close to that, but I'll find one British pilot who seconds what I've said:
    More than 75 million passengers with only 2 runways are hell.

    But what can they do at VHHH? Build a second island?

    PS: Or shouldn't they never have closed Kai Tak, plus 1 rwy and a capacity of 24 million passengers.. With the knowledge of today?! That btw is a status which I own in my little semi-pro LH-B744 simulator by Randazzo, Kai Tak and Chek Lap Kok, both open.

    Most of the things which work in a simulator also work in reality.

    Sometimes I hope that in Berlin they at least try to learn from people who know how aviation works.
    In New York, they do not close airports. In London, they do not close airports, not by far. The opposite is true, see Gatwick.

    In Paris? Permanently closed airports? Not either.

    And in Hong Kong? They have closed Kai Tak, but probably they'll regret it.
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  • LH-B744
    Am I allowed to publish such things? Imho that should not be a problem. I weren't able to publish it, if my favorite airline wasn't the first, who indeed publishes it, nowadays with a live clock, which is cute.

    Boarding completed - 22:20 MEST
    And off they go - 22:40.

    So, for 10 minutes they waited until they closed the doors. For such a route, that's not much. But this is a Codeshare with New Zealand. So, probably the F/O thought, we should not wait longer than a time which we can catch up inflight...

    VHHH really seems to be open. Good flight!

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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Hong Kong

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong. The place where typhoons usually occur in summer (Northern Hemisphere), i.e. after next sunday there'll be no more typhoons in Hong Kong (?) ..
    But today, we are unlucky.

    It was on German TV a few minutes ago, so I thought I should be interested in it, especially with my nickname.

    As I do in most of the cases where the weather might give us (i.e. passengers, crew and last but not least pilots in a simulator, with the real weather of today) an interesting flight,
    I 'telephone' with the arrival. So, what does Chek Lap Kok arrival tell us in these minutes.

    27C, HKT 03:17 (+1, i.e. monday). And three flights cancelled. But most of the flights take place, with delayed arrival. Which is good news after all what they showed on TV..

    That's what Hong Kong is famous for in my eyes. The airport is open, and they are flying. Heavy rain, or a decent wind? Yes, why not. That's not a weather for daredevils. They accept it because they can.

    PS: That also seems to be true for LH #796. Is it possible to get used to such conditions? Rather not, I'd say, but it seems like spice in the soup.

    This topic is open for live updates for flights with a Hong Kong arrival.