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British Airways retro livery B747

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  • British Airways retro livery B747

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    Don't we have jetphotos here? I'd bet.. one moment. 'Chatham Dockyard'? Ok. From time to time we learn something new. But I was right, a B744 only in one very rare case was the prototype.. When they decided to only change one or two things in the livery, between a LH-B741 and a LH-B742. Don't ask me about the year, that must've been before I was born. How old is the livery which our D-ABVP until today shows to everbody on this planet? I'd say, older than me. Since 1997, both the 742s and the 744s wear the Sky Alliance Sign.
    And I always come back to this jetphoto. Not quite older than me.
    LH-B742 at Tullamarine (1980), with classic 1978 Lufthansa livery. As far as I know, also the LH-B737s had this design. And why have they decided to let this design come back? Well, all the good things come back, don't they. Another jetphoto:

    LH-B748 @ Guarulhos, the Yankee Tango, born 25.03.2015, in the classic 1978 LH livery.
    One of the best jetphotos in the database, if not THE best. There is a knob in a 748i, for this blue shimmer? I love it!

    And in London? As far as I know, they used the 'Landor' livery until... at least the mid 1990's, I'd say. But for this question, we have a specialist, who definitely is much closer to Heathrow than me...
    BA-B744 with Landor livery, in Australia. I love it. There is a reason why they always come back to the classic liveries. Classic jetphotos members also don't become younger...
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    That's what airlines are good for, amongst others,
    The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
    And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
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