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What is this flag on old Malaysian Airlines Aircraft?

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  • LH-B744
    Is it true that Kuala Lumpur today is without 1 US-American airline? Since 10 minutes I'm lookin at it, and I've not found one.

    But let's be honest, Halcyon, we haven't expected something else...

    And only 1 German airline with a bird on the tailfin.. Dear greetings to the colleagues of Condor Flugdienst. Again, the LH Winter Schedule January 2010 is on my table.
    6356 nautical miles, LH #782. Back then there was 1 bird with a bird on the tailfin, who also needed 1 stop (@ Suvarnabhumi)..
    Even the B744 takes 1 stop on that route. Technically not really necessary, but hey,
    5580 nmi to Suvarnabhumi.

    That's not either a problem for a Condor..

    And even a B744 (-pilot, without Extended Range..) is happy about at least 1 route which is shorter than crossing the whole Pacific Ocean..

    PS: The B744ER is not really change No7 in the 747 family. It is and stays a 744.
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2019-03-14, 06:05. Reason: Not all nonstop routes have to be longer than 11 hours.

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  • LH-B744
    Oh. And then I received an infraction for the word (..) ?
    That's ok, I can live with it.

    Yes, I remember a discussion where somebody here at jetphotos thought that this tailfin is a religious symbol, due to the cross (!):
    Without further comment.

    And I remember my answer. 'Are you serious.'

    I've found another three examples. MAB today only seems like a shadow of what MAS once was. But not these two flags are the reason.
    1. MAS Boeing 707 at Fitzgerald, September 1974
    I only know 1 airport on this planet where the word Fitzgerald is appropriate, and that is KJFK intercontinental. F for Fitzgerald. But that MAS destination is history.

    2. These were the happy days in Malaysia, part I:
    The traditional MAS B744 at Kloten Intl (!), 1996.

    3. These were the happy days in Malaysia, part II:
    The traditional MAS B742 at Kai Taik, 1992.

    Already, MAS without the second flag. So it seems to have been disappeared somewhen between 74 and 92. And again, that's not what brought them down..

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  • HalcyonDays
    Yes, it’s Arabic and it’s a blessing to all travellers, seeking the benediction of Allah to provide protection and good luck. I don’t know why it was removed, but I suspect it was a safety and security precaution over the last decade or two of heightened awareness of Islamic imagery and Arabic writings, which merely draws attention to nutters and anti-Muslim actions

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  • What is this flag on old Malaysian Airlines Aircraft?

    I have noticed that on the old livery of Malaysian Airlines, from the 1970s to the 1990s, that there is some kind of black flag next to the flag of Malaysia on Malaysian Airlines aircraft. I looked up the flag of Malaysia, and I could not find this flag anywhere. The black flag is different from the flag of Malaysia, and it is not listed as one of the flags Malaysia used in the past.

    Below are some pictures of the flag on Malaysian Airlines aircraft. They are next to the flag of Malaysia.

    If you click on the picture below, this is the closest image of the flag that I can find. It seems to be composed of some type of Arabic writing. About 60% of Malaysians are Islamic, so maybe it is a flag related to Islam.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	malaysia-airlines-b747.jpg
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    Later, when Malaysian Airlines updated their livery, they removed this flag from their design.

    So, does anybody know what this flag is, or what it represents? Also, why did Malaysian Airlines decide to not keep this flag when they updated their livery?