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Type Boeing 777-9, or as I call her, B779

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  • LH-B744

    I thought I could find some sleep somewhen on this nice Friday. But this thing is really

    B r e a k i n g N e w s.

    That means, something which somebody with my avatar was not able to imagine. Until I read it one second ago.

    Lufthansa is going to replace the type x by the B779.

    Now guess what x stands for. The x stands for the type Lufthansa A380-800. I totally do not believe it!

    But I trust the LH en wiki, as I know that (most of the time, i.e. 99,85% of the time) only specialists alter this website. Now you must read what they write.

    Lufthansa A380-800. 6 to be phased out by 2023 and be replaced by Boeing 777-9.
    Wow. Now I need a coffee, at least one.

    I was able to see the 388 coming to Lufthansa, in ..2010? , and now, less than 15 years later, I see six of them going away. There must be reasons. I know that I recently wrote one or two words concerning the end of the 388 production line. Too big and 3 decades too late.

    If even THE LH-A388 route (dt.: Paradestrecke), to Johannesburg, today is served by type LH-B748, then probably I didn't write complete nonsense.

    But really too big, especially for routes where LH does not sell a huge amount of tickets, and there are some, e.g. Dallas TX,
    too big, so that LH sells six type 388 jets, that was not something which I expected!

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  • LH-B744
    I like to repeat, I dream a little bit, every day.

    But if Gabe asks me to show sources for what I write here, no problem. I don't invent things, I'm not an engineer. I am an aviation enthusiast since 1983. That means, for most of the sentences which I write, we are able to find a source who has mentioned it before I mentioned it.

    It is not impossible that LH comes back to the club of 737 owners.

    Where did I read that. Oh. I'm able to become old as a cow and still learn something. Try to look for the word airliners, with a searching engine you prefer.
    #1 entry. airliners dot de (compare that to the #3 entry..)

    The #1 entry is my source (German). But I'm able to translate that.
    Spohr denkt nach über die 737 Max

    In English. The LH CEO declares a comeback to the club of 737 owners is not impossible.

    Most of the time, let's say in 99,85 % of all cases which are important for Lufthansa, I really don't invent things!

    PS: And the rest, the 0,15% ? Well. Nobody in the Lufthansa family knows all aircraft in detail. As I said. LH today is not able to publish info about daily ops with B779 and B737 Max.

    But at least concerning B779, this will change very soon..
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Type Boeing 777-9, or as I call her, B779

    Type Boeing 777-9, or as I call her, B779

    Today I'm not here to read more about 737s and MCAS. Although, even concerning the 737 I heard something through the grapevine. Somebody said that it is not impossible that LH comes back to the club of 737 owners. Probably he didn't quite see a reason why LH today is not able to provide info about a 737 built in 2019 at first hand. But pst. Nobody (!) has yet confirmed that.

    Let's talk about something which is yet in the jetphotos database.

    What do we see here. A parking position which perfectly fits for a B744. But the 779 has to fold her wings (!) before she fits.
    So, that's a picture of a B779 with folded wings, isn't it?

    On both wings a B779 is able to fold.. more than 3 meters as far as I remember, 7 m in total, from 71,8 m wingspan down to 64,8?

    So, is it a folded B779, or rather a parking position with a 72 x 72 m box? It seems quite tight indeed.

    First flight of a B779 has not yet happened. Expected Q2 2019, they say at en wiki. But that is today. Or tomorrow!