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Storage locations of the US 737 Max aircraft

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  • Storage locations of the US 737 Max aircraft

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    I’ve flown on a 737 Max right before they were grounded. Probably one of the hardest United Airlines landings I’ve ever experienced.


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      Originally posted by Quantum_Elmo787 View Post
      I’ve flown on a 737 Max right before they were grounded. Probably one of the hardest United Airlines landings I’ve ever experienced.
      If you asked me, I'd always like to ask a 737 Max pilot. So, imho, you n me do not ask questions at the totally wrong place. Afaik, at least one jetphotos forum member knows a little bit more about the 737 Max than you and me.

      737 Max Passengers should say what they feel. But here in this forum, we are able to learn more.

      What does a 737 Max pilot think. And at least that's what I've heard, more than only 3 or 5 jet pilots in America wonder if they again can trust a 737 Max. Given that American Airlines owns twentyfour 737 Max 8, that seems like a certain percentage.

      That was the latest news on German TV concerning the 737 topic: 'pilots wonder if they again can trust the 737 Max.' .

      PS: Plus what was reported by one respectable US-American News anchor, the FAA tries to bring the 737 Max into the air again in August 2019. But, and that's new, now they wonder if it can be done before autumn 2019...

      This once was a new entry, but someone on this Planet said, less than 70.000 words, that always fits into 1 single entry. That must not necessarily be one of those dudes who come online with the forum entry 'What?' and '+1' ... LOL.
      Don't make me take it as a sport, guys. In case of a doubt, I am awake.

      Der Klügere gibt nach. Deswegen trenne ich das jetzt mal nicht wieder auf in zwei Einträge. Zwei Postscriptums in einem Eintrag würde ich nie verfügen, aber es gibt bestimmt Leute die das schick finden...

      Not for nothin I'm a jetphotos senior. Sometimes I really feel a little bit old, always when I answer forum entries where a jetphotos Junior has written his very first entry. It seems to be official, if you're as old as me, even respectable TV news stations stop to call you a junior...

      Back on topic. Again I have a question. Thank God, I am not a 737 Max pilot. If I were, then my question would be 'Can I trust the 737 Max again.'

      What does a 737 Max pilot, now that all birds which he owns a license for are grounded?

      Only an assumption. He does pretty much the same as I do, watch Nightly News, read the jetphotos forum, and hope that the aircraft which he needs for his profession

      somewhen is able to t/o again. That's something which Daniel K. Elwell, the FAA chief administrator, said: 'Nobody needs fast results. We enforce safe results.'

      Well, that's quite brilliant. I couldn't have said that better.

      PS: I like to repeat that. Thank God nobody on Earth until today had the idea to insert too much stupid computers into a Boeing 747. Thus, there are some a/c in the air: 787, 757, 763ER, all types of 747 (744, 744ER , 748, 748F, ...), 773ER, ...

      That's what sometimes happens when I am not the only one who edits my forum entries... three or four Postscriptums. So, who deletes this reduncancy, you or me?!?

      Today? LH #500 Corcovado, since 1956 a feast in the schedule. That's why I chose my nickname. The program is as old as me, and she takes you to all these places..

      So, I sometimes wonder where the 737s are missing, not necessarily at the Corcovado, don't they. Even for UA, that rather seems like a 763ER distance. I haven't yet looked it up. I swear!
      United Airlines at the Corcovado.
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      The German long haul is alive, 65 years and still kicking.
      The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
      And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
      This is Lohausen International airport speaking, echo delta delta lima.