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  • LH-B744
    Really no one else? Well, then let me continue.

    Btw, Alex, or Gabe, can you imagine that Düsseldorf International airport is one of the very few if not the only International airport in Northern Europe who at least somehow tries to rescue some of the destinations which I mentioned here in #7 ?!

    So, how does that work. Must be either a smartish airline or a responsible airport, or both.. And a CEO who reads one of the best aviation platforms (?!).

    Montego Bay, # 1134, nonstop @ DUS twice a week (with exceptions), beginning with Sun Nov 17 and # 1136, beginning with Mon Nov 18.

    That seems to become one of the most interesting winter seasons here at Lohausen. I just can't remember if
    Montego Bay nonstop
    once was part of the DUS schedule during the last 41 years.

    We help where we can.
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  • LH-B744
    Hm. I know that here on jetphotos there is , or should I say there was .. at least one member in Manchester and one in London. I had expected that there is rather more a conversation than a monologue!

    10,735 seats which do not take off today! Who is able to help?

    In clear letters. 46 jets are on the ground, and somebody should buy them! And I'd prefer British investors. Ex British Airline, IATA Code MT. British home airport, Manchester UK.

    Not only British customers. A good part of German passengers suffer since Thomas Cook is dead. But my favorite airline is not always the solution. CEO Spohr tried to financially rescue the Alitalia, and what was the answer?! Impossibile, we only trust the Italian tax payers. Fine. But nobody is able to say, that LH does not try it.

    PS: This platform somehow lacks a man with a British Airways jet as his avatar. We do have alot here on this platform, worldwide, and I'm proud of that. Swiss International, KLM, Qantas, American Air, Delta, TAP Lissabon, Iberia, et cetera ..

    As far as I remember, the man who I'd say almost sits in the headquarter of British Airways denies since more than 10 years his home airline! He never published a reason for that behaviour, or at least not when I was reading it.

    British Airways rescue mission for the MT airline. In my eyes the most easy way to bring'em up into the air again. British pilots for a former British airline.

    Or is Britain too much concerned with temporary Brexit?!

    PS: I just perceive, here at DUS we indeed try to repair what they devastated at Manchester.. We help where we can, when nobody else does it.
    Bridgetown (Barbados) nonstop EW #1152 DUS - BGI, and that begins on hand-picked days: Thu Nov 07, Mon Nov 11, Thu Nov 21, Mon Nov 25, Thu Dec 5, Mon Dec 9, [no Thu], [no Mon], Thu Dec 19 again, and Barbados for the last time this year on the day before Christmas Eve (!), Mon Dec 23.

    DUS en wiki now also contains Bridgetown (Barbados).

    For more, ask your jetphotos travel agency @ Lohausen..
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  • LH-B744
    The next step. I thought it would be easy to again ask this all knowing knowledge platform for Manchester airport. Which, in the en version, contains many airlines who are present on this airport, linked to all destinations of an airline.

    Can it be true that Thomas Cook airline, IATA-Code MT, has already vanished from that wiki?! Imho sometimes the internet is a little bit too fast, whereas on other occasions it seems to sleep..

    Thank god I know a little bit about wikipedia. So, I have the Manchester Airport en wiki revision September 11th 2019 on my screen. With all the former MT airline destinations.

    Alicante, Antalya, Cancun, Cayo Coco, Dalaman, Enfidha, Gran Canaria, Holguin, Hurghada, Lanzarote, Las Vegas, New York JFK (!), Orlando FL (!), Punta Cana, Tenerife South indeed, Varadero,
    to name only the all season destinations. But the summer schedule today is still active for all airlines between Edinburgh, Düsseldorf, Rome and Lamezia Terme. That's another list of MT destinations, and I like to write down the full list, but let me take a short breath.

    Almeria, Antigua, Barbados, Banjul, Burgas, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Faro, Fuerteventura, Girona, Goa, Heraklion, Ibiza, Innsbruck, Izmir, Kalamata, Kavala, Kefalonia, Kos, Larnaca, Los Angeles (!), Malta, Marrakech, Mauritius, Menorca, Montego Bay, Mykonos, Mytilene,
    Napoli (would theoretically have ended September 27th, what a story..)
    Palma de Mallorca, Paphos, Preveza, Reus, Rhodes, Rovaniemi, Sal, San Francisco (really? that's my avatar..),
    Santorini, Seattle/Tacoma, Skiathos, Split, St Lucia, Tobago, Varna, Zakynthos. The end.

    Now I understand theoretically what for they've used 10,735 seats.

    And now I know where a LH-B744 could be helpful. Theoretically on all of these 748 destinations. But that does not seem realistic. Let's see what could be realistic. Somehow I have a talent for the Victor Papa.. Sleepless in Seattle, LH # 490, scheduled for today 1045 local, but I don't know if she has free seats when she comes back.

    .... ..

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  • LH-B744
    Only a few hours ago I've seen that here almost directly in front of my house, this story has consequences!

    Can it be true that also bus drivers who work for companies like the Rheinbahn Düsseldorf sit somewhere on Teneriffa and thus were/are not able to work in their bus?!

    It really seems as if something like that is true! So, again let me say what I've said quite a few times. I don't own the bird which I always show in my avatar.

    If I owned this bird, you can be sure that I now would be sitting in the cockpit, preparing a multistop flight to carry home all those bus drivers!

    Since September 27th, 00:01 it is allowed also for German carriers to intervene and carry people home to Germany, isn't it.

    DUS opens for the first flight today at 0600 local. So. 350 seats free, if I owned the alpha bravo victor papa. But as I assume, she's somewhere else right now..

    I mean we have to do something!

    The MT airline, fleet size 46 jets definitely is dead, wikipedia has not changed the entry. So, let me count.
    3 jets type A320, 180 seats each, 3x180 = 540 seats.

    That already is a number of seats which would require 2 LH-B744s. But let me continue.

    36 jets type A321, only a rough guess, 220 seats each, 36x220 = 7920 seats who are not in the air today. But let me continue.

    7 jets type A330-200. Wikipedia knows the number of seats I've just perceived.. I was not so far away with my rough guess for A321, so, 7x325 seats. MT was able to sell 325 seats in a rather short A332? Wow. I mean, I know my avatar, but 325 seats in 192 ft or 58 m, that seems to be.. profitable. Now I know why I don't like that word.. However.

    7x325= 2275 seats in the European longhaul are missing since September 23rd.

    2275+7920+540= ... 10,735 seats which will not take off today?!

    There are more than 7 LH-B744s, that's not the problem with the longhaul. But I'm sure that all LH-B744s and also the LH-B748s are in use for the normal LH schedule this Friday.

    All together 10,735 seats.. owners with one or two or seven free 747s, anybody?!
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2019-09-27, 01:57. Reason: 2275 seats in the European longhaul are missing. 747 owners, anybody?

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  • LH-B744
    Originally posted by jakew04 View Post
    Thomas cook has ceased all operations on the 23rd of September 2019. All flights have been cancelled, there is only a few Thomas cook planes still in the air and once they have landed we won't be seeing them anymore. Of course my condolences go out to anybody effected by the downfall of Thomas cook.
    You talk about condolence, and I accept that. But as you mention Thomas Cook Jets, I don't think that's the full truth. From my point of view, which obviously is not London, and I assume that I also don't know (yet) everything. But I have found at least two quite good sources this night.

    1. This is imho what you've mentioned. Thomas Cook Airlines est. 1999, which died September 23rd 2019, IATA-Code MT, Fleet size 46 jets. This is my source:
    All MT jets will stay on the ground, the airline ceased to exist (wikipedia).

    2. The reason why '1.' happened is that, and I have to quote that,
    Thomas Cook [plc, with more than 21.000 employees] went into compulsory liquidation on 23 September 2019.
    The source:
    Thomas_Cook_Group plc London (wikipedia)

    And that's the tragic moment in it. CEO Fankhauser was on German TV quite often since Monday, and I believe his words, he tried to find new investors, but nobody was willing!

    So what happens next.

    3. The German 'Condor Flugdienst' published a message, which is imho also only true in full length, as a quotation. So here it is.

    'The insolvency of Thomas Cook Group plc in London has also affected the business operations of the German tour operators Thomas Cook, Neckermann, Oeger Tours, Air Marin and Bucher Reisen. Like all other airlines, Condor has been informed by these tour operators that travellers who have booked their package holidays with these operators may not be carried until including 26 September 2019. This applies to the outbound flight. Thomas Cook package holiday guests who are already in their holiday destination can board their return flight as scheduled.'

    4. The Condor Flugdienst GmbH, IATA-Code DE, Fleet size 41 jets, has applied for credit on Monday September 23rd, worth 150 million Euros. As of today, September 25th, Condor has achieved a credit of 380 million Euros to guarantee all flights with IATA code DE .

    As far as I know, Condor is almost the only little piece in this story who still is able to earn money. Profitable is the short word, but I don't like that very much. A rather little piece in the story, with 5,000 employees at Condor.

    Condor should be able to survive.
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2019-09-25, 03:40. Reason: + The Thomas Cook plc source

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  • ErezS
    This is very sad news.
    I couldn't figure out whether the cessation of operations was in the whole group or only in the UK's branch.

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  • Jordan Williams
    Originally posted by jakew04 View Post
    Thomas cook has ceased all operations on the 23rd of September 2019. All flights have been cancelled, there is only a few Thomas cook planes still in the air and once they have landed we won't be seeing them anymore. Of course my condolences go out to anybody effected by the downfall of Thomas cook.
    Very sad to see another major airline go under, I have fond memories of TC in Manchester when I use to visit the UK as a youngster. Thoughts are with the staff members, passengers and all whom are affected directly or indirectly by the liquidation

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  • akerosid
    It's very sad to see a company that's been around for nearly 180 years (the airline - not quite as long!) fall into liquidation. Unfortunately, it's been quite a long time coming.

    The company currently has over 160k people in various places (it's understood that in Tunisia, one hotel blocked TC holidaymakers from leaving, until they were paid!).

    An operation is now under way to repatriate all of the passengers abroad.

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  • jakew04
    started a topic Thomas cook

    Thomas cook

    Thomas cook has ceased all operations on the 23rd of September 2019. All flights have been cancelled, there is only a few Thomas cook planes still in the air and once they have landed we won't be seeing them anymore. Of course my condolences go out to anybody effected by the downfall of Thomas cook.