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Heavy traffic in Saint Anthony

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  • Heavy traffic in Saint Anthony

    Busy day in Saint Anthony. Is this normal? 14 heavies in Saint Anthony, plus LH’s 737-700 and one heavy in Gander; cheap petrol, good deal on fresh lobsters, medicals, prevailing winds, a combination, or what?

    Saint Anthony

    AZ 767-300 MXP-BOS
    AZ MD-11 MXP-JFK
    AA 777-200 LHR-JFK
    BA 777-200 LHR-BOS
    BA 747-400 LHR-JFK
    CO 767-200 BRU-EWR
    DL 767-300 NCE-JFK
    LH A340-300 FRA-BOS
    LH A340-200 FRA-JFK
    LH 737-700 DUS-EWR*
    LH 747-200 FRA-MIA
    Swiss A330-200 ZRH-BOS
    Swiss A330-200 GVA-JFK
    TAP A340-300 LIS-EWR
    United 767 LHR-IAD


    DL 767-300 MAD-JFK

    **Did not know LH used 737-700 over the pond.
    JR FlyingTexan

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    Heavy traffic in Saint Anthony

    I wouldn't trust FlyteComm all that much. They have a habit of listing stops on flights that aren't stops at all. Plus, they miss a bunch of flights when you put in the arrival airport. I used to use them but just gave up.

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      Heavy traffic in Saint Anthony

      Well, if it is true, makes for a great day of spotting. I think I'll take a trip up there next time I am in that neck of the woods....nice potpourri of aircraft.
      JR FlyingTexan


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        Heavy traffic in Saint Anthony

        [img]images/smiles/icon_eek.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/icon_eek.gif[/img] [img]shake.gif[/img] [img]shake.gif[/img]
        That is defenitly wrong.
        The biggest thing that lands at YAY is a Saab 340.
        Hmmm, I am assuming that you are talking about St. Anthony


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          Heavy traffic in Saint Anthony

          Oh an by the way, that 737-700 over the pond is a PrivatAir Boeing 737 BBJ that has an all business class configuration and does the route for Lufthansa. Reportedly, that's a very popular flight.

          These are from their 737-300.


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            Heavy traffic in Saint Anthony

            Yea, Flytecomm said Saint Anthony, NF.

            Possibly YAY filed in flight plan as a ‘re-dispatch’ point. I’ve heard of such a thing, but do not know too much about it.
            JR FlyingTexan