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ATC Declares Emergency for 747

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    Originally posted by BoeingBobby View Post

    When you know the instructors for 20 years, and there is some extra time, we get (got) to do all kinds of fun stuff.
    "Ok, Bill, this time give me an engine failure followed by a windscreen failure..."

    Now that would be fun in the sim.


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      Originally posted by kent olsen View Post
      One day on a test flight in the Hawker 1000 after we took off and at about 12,000ft I had a dual flame out.
      God love ya, Ken. Not only did you manage to fly one of only 52 125-1000s built, but you managed to have a dual flameout therein. When was this?


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        I flew the 1000 between 2001 and 2005, so somewhere in there and I think out of ICT. I liked the airplane, a lot like the DC-9.

        The training we had at Evergreen was great as well. If you remember way back when a B-757 took off from the Caribbean on a charter to Europe and another a few weeks later from somewhere in Chile, both lost there airspeed indications and crashed. Well our sim instructors gave us the same scenarios "'don't give up, think, where else can you get airpspeed or ground speed, configuration pitch attitude or INS/OMEGA groundspeed???" and it was all a great learning experience.