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Fuel Dumped at Low Height over Los Angeles

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    I would much rather Bobby spray me with Jet A as opposed to flap canoes. And FWIW, Jet A has LOT in common with charcoal lighter...not good to drink, but neither is it KCCN.
    Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.


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      Originally posted by kent olsen View Post
      Here's my real life similar incident. 20 years ago departing LAX for HNL in a 747-200 cargo. We had a structural failure that destroyed the right inboard triple segmented flaps and left a 4 ft hole in the wing. We turned around after the sun came up and we could see the damage. At the time we were about an hour out so we had time to plan. Takeoff weight 800,00, max landing 680,000, so we started dumping as we headed back, I had a Flt Engineer.. Because of the damage and pieces coming off the airplane we decided to make a no flaps landing to preclude something coming off and falling into downtown LA. With the emergency declared advised ATC we couldn't slow less than 200 kts, VREF was 195. Min brakes but full reverse at touchdown and we turned off at the next to last taxiway on 25R, fire dept reported no heat in the tires.
      Were you below MLW?


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        Yes we were about an hour out so my Engineer had plenty time to dump down to the MLW.