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Lexington KY Wrong Runway

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  • Lexington KY Wrong Runway

    I was always a bit shocked at the Lexington CRJ-wrong-short runway crash. I remember in 172 school being taught it was a good idea to check your HI vs assigned runway, and even did a personal near-disaster at night THINKING I was turning onto runway 20 at COU from the parallel taxiway.

    However, if you go to the Youtube below to about 0:47:00 you see that these guys, even though it's a beautiful clear day and ATC is clearly watching and you have other planes landing and the runway number being stated over and over, they say about four different comments confirming that they are on the right runway.

    I even had a CRJ pilot pissed at me as I misunderstood the words from the CRJ CVR, "Line up check" meaning they CHECKED that they were LINED UP...Instead it was really, the "In-takeoff-position-Immediately-before-takeoff-final checklist and checking to see if you were lined up wasn't part of it.

    The ITPIBTFC, I guess....
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