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Giant Emergency in Spain

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    Originally posted by BoeingBobby View Post

    You are now comparing apples to oranges.
    R 2800 to a jet engine.
    Two R2800's but yes, compared to the CF-6 they were candles in the wind.


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      Originally posted by Evan View Post

      Is this really true? If a flight contacts ATC and tells them they have a technical failure and need to stop the climb and orbit somewhere to sort it out, is that treated as an emergency? I define emergency as something that is very time-compressed and requiring an urgent remedy, as in an immediate return. I would term this scenario a manageable failure situation but not an emergency.

      On the other hand, if the crew suspected more extensive damage that could potentially impact the safety of the flight, that would qualify as an emergency. The fact that they requested an F-18 for aerial inspection makes me think they might have declared emergency to expedite their situational awareness.
      Out of curiosity, do we know they requested a fighter flyby? I can just imagine a conversation with the tower.

      "Hey, we're not sure what the condition of the landing gear is, so we want to ...."

      "No problemo, we've got some bored air force types just hanging around, we'll just send one up there to take a look. It would make their day..."