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A380 landing at Heathrow

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    Originally posted by kent olsen View Post
    At first glance it does make some sense, until you think about it !!! How many time do you land the aircraft vs go-around.
    So that's does make sense, but when I think about it, I go a different direction.

    First of all, you do want the plane to go to a nose up attitude.
    Secondly, you are going to retract some flap (which tends to equate to nose-down trim)
    Thirdly, I thought jets had hydraulically powered elevators and that super special muscle efforts weren't required to establish and maintain relatively normal attitudes.

    Last and definitely not least, "because you usually don't go around" seems to be the worst reason of all...if the aeroplanie really is a byotch to not stall on a go-around, I think maybe I DO want some nose-down trim.

    Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.