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Small Plane Crash in American Fork Canyon

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  • Small Plane Crash in American Fork Canyon
    There isn't much to go on at the moment. All four people in the plane are now confirmed dead. The most I can say in my limited knowledge here is that having just been in that very part of the canyon, four people in that small plane seems like it would cause some maneuverability problems when pulling tight canyon turns like that.
    My brother and I hiked to Silver Lake this morning. Which is only a few miles north of the crash site. We can't say for certain, but we're pretty sure we saw this plane flying around during our hike. On our way out of the canyon, we saw emergency helicopters, ambulances, and news trucks parked just north of the Tibble Fork Reservoir. While seeing this plane flying around I thought it would be really nice to take a friend and fly through the canyon in a couple years. As you may imagine, I'm having second thoughts about that now. And I'm definitely not taking three others up there with me.
    I'm really sorry to hear about this. I hope friends and family are doing well. It's a really tragic end to one of the most beautifully scenic flights you could ever dream of.

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    Some odd coincidences here................

    It seems the pilot was a baseball pitcher, but he had the opposite career of recently elected Hall of Fame Pitcher Roy Halladay who perished in his ICON a few years ago, who is considered at the very least one of the best of this century, but also of all time. Tyson Brummett pitched in a single inning giving up two singles but also got two strike outs for the Philadelphia Phillies on October 3, 2012. But guess who else was on the Phillies in 2012? It was Roy Halladay's second to last year before he retired.

    Guess what team Tyson Brummett went to after the Phillies? On October 18,2012 he was picked up on waiver by the Toronto Blue Jays, the team Roy Halladay had spent most of his Hall of Fame career before going to the Phillies. But Brummett only stayed in the minors in their system.

    So Tyson Brummett saw one of his former team mates killed the same way only a few years ago, on the only MLB team he ever got called up to, who was also a pitcher, so he met the guy at least but didn't know him well probably, and he surely knew about what happened to him.

    It is unfortunate that I am talking about this guys baseball career because he is in the news for dying piloting a plane, and I read this topic last night and I honestly didn't read the article. I put the dots together because on Wikipedia I look at the recent deaths to keep up on people the mainstream media might not report had died but are noteworthy enough to be mentioned on Wikipedia (for example I like video games and a prominent voice actor recently passed away and they were listed on it, whose work I was familiar with, not going to be on ABC or Fox or NBC, etc.).

    But I saw the name and then saw they died in a plane crash at 35, then I clicked on his page and saw it was in Alpine, Utah, and put the puzzle together that it was the pilot of this incident I read about on here. I am a sports fan but I don't claim to know every player, and the fact he only played part of one inning means I would expect not to have heard of him, because I definitely did know who Roy Halladay was. So his name didn't ring a bell but it still leads to a lot of odd coincidences with him and Halladay.

    So RIP to those 4 who lost their lives and lets hope the coincidences I listed are just that, that this guy didn't put his passengers at risk by doing maneuvers he shouldn't have been (regardless of the fact maybe he shouldn't have been flying in the canyon at all with 3 other souls), because Halladay was doing Blue Angel type stuff.