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Another Indonesian aircraft down

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  • Originally posted by Gabriel View Post

    Right. I am sure that the 10x safety improvement has nothing to do with improvements done in the 737. It's all that humans make fewer mistakes these days and are less prone to hijackings or suicide. I am sure that the 737-200-adv would have 1 fatal hull loss accident every 10,000,000 take offs if it were operating today with current pilots.
    There are far less hijackings these days, thanks to better security. Most importantly, lessons have been learned and safety cultures have improved. Stable approach criteria has made those dive-and-drive debacles a thing of the past. GPS and EGPWS has made CFIT less common. TCAS and more flight phases on more precise automation has almost eliminated midairs. There's a lot to this that has little to do with the airplane type.

    So what? Do we go ahead and permanently ground all 737's out there now? Do we keep Boeing from completing the MAX product line that will (note future tense) be an excellent business for Boeing and the airlines and also have an excellent safety record, about as good as any? Exactly what would that accomplish?
    We further the investigation, look for weakness in the system, add redundancy, make it more robust and issue an AD with timely but reasonable compliance times. If the CTSM had worked, the autothrottle would have disengaged before things got too out of hand and the pilots would have most likely realized the problem and recovered.

    Better still, we recognize the folly in this and get back to the business of designing the world's most advanced aeroplanes.


    • Originally posted by Evan
      Have you written a sternly-worded letter to 737 operators?
      Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.