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Icelandicair missed approach

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  • Evan
    On the 74, does the thrust come on quickly enough to make a difference at 10ft? I get the pitch inputs to arrest the sink. Aren't they enough?

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  • kent olsen
    started a topic Icelandicair missed approach

    Icelandicair missed approach

    So they missed the first approach at Manchester, then missed the approach into Liverpool, finally returning to Manchester with low fuel.

    The issue was turbulence and low level wind shear. My experience is from old DC-8's and 747's. As I recall happening only a few times, with the auto-pilot connected and an ILS approach, the control column was wiping back and forth so violently you were afraid to touch or hold the control wheel for fear of breaking your wrist. I reached up and disconnected the autopilot with the on/off switch. Hand flying you could let the wings bank a little and then correct back to level and it didn't feel quite so violent. Now maybe newer aircraft, the B-757, didn't react that violently, I don't know.

    I do remember two instances in my career that wind shear was not expected and could have been bad. Landing in Pago Pago for fuel in the 747 the radar altimeter said 50 then 10. I yanked back on the wheel and went to full power. The touchdown was smooth and immediately went to idle and reverse, lucky. Then 15 years later landing at Deer Valley Az. near Phoenix in the Citation X, same deal at 50ft the bottom dropped out and it was yank back and full power. Again luckily a smooth touchdown.