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  • Too many PSI to the ego...

    Podunk traffic, Bizjet 1234DH is inbound, all traffic please leave the area until I am chocked and shut down...
    Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.

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    So he couldn't overfly the airport to get a look and then enter on the 45, slowing to 110-120 and fly a wide downwind to sequence with the other traffic. Oh it's unsafe flying his jet with piston aircraft in the same pattern. It's not uncommon to find aircraft with no com radio doing touch/goes at an un-controlled airport. Perfectly legal. I can remember flying into uncontrolled fields, often with no radio guys in the pattern back when I was flying the Citation X. And then at the Island of Saipan in the Pacific, no tower and many large, including B-747"s, flew in there from Japan all the time.


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      Originally posted by kent olsen View Post
      ***Perfectly legal***
      He actually over-flew, did his wide pattern, fit in and landed in a slightly busy pattern...

      But his radio communications are a bit entertaining (along with many of the comments on YouTube).

      AND a few valid questions were asked there too!

      Yes, it's perfectly legal, and can be done, but I do think there's a few dangers and that it calls for turning up SA a notch.

      The San Diego PSA 727 + 172 (IN A FULLY-CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT) crash has always bugged me, as the big sky effect failed that day (possibly enhanced by little airliner windows and big speed differentials). (Cue a list of hundreds of other mid-airs.)
      Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.


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        And he lives in Bend. He overflew the airport about 2500ft and then descended into the traffic pattern (with a low wing aircraft, not good). Which is what happened in San Diego (high wing/low wing, plus the 172 was to high), I lived there when it happened. He should have circled out and entered on the 45 at about 1200ft above ground, typical for faster aircraft. Looked like lots of helicopters in a right pattern but only about three planes in left traffic for the runway. Oh! but he's flying a JET!!