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Light plane crashes

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    Originally posted by 3WE View Post
    #1 would be a septic tank cleaning truck
    Technically, that's a landing you would walk away from. Though not in my direction.


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      Originally posted by Evan View Post
      From today's Top Ten List:

      And the #1 Thing You Don't Want Your Light Plane To Crash Into Is...
      I'll take a stationary fuel truck over an incoming train at full speed.

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        El Cajon Learjet Crash:

        As much as Evan's disdain for traditional airmanship bugs me, the following things might have prevented this crash:

        1) Radar/GPS/Loran/RNAV/INS/VORADFIntegrator/terrain photo database Synthetic Vision..."You are cleared to land your plane wherever however you want as long as you don't hit anything which you have a really good, and double(triple) confirmed depiction on you windscreen".

        2. A magenta line (with altitude) generated by a little extra computer code using system 1.

        3. An autopilot that does any number of the things below:
        -Follows said magenta line from #2.
        -Controls speed and power to eliminate stalls for almost all practical purposes.

        Right or wrong- all of this stuff kind of exists now (especially speed control). Maybe we beef up speed control to almost always prevent stalls?

        Only $ stands in the way of implementation.
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