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Delta reinstates pax who refused to comply with FA directives.

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    Originally posted by flashcrash View Post

    Bad analogy. No third party. No damages. No crime. No external regulation. Purely local jurisdiction. Regulation was rescinded by its creator, not a judge. No appeal pending. Ownership dynamics are mismatched.
    call me when you have a better understanding of the law and of corporate dynamics, as in, who makes the rules and who gets to unmake them.


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      Originally posted by Evan View Post

      No-fly lists are like dinner party un-invitations. You made an ass of yourself at the table, made everyone uncomfortable and insulted the host. We don't want to have you over anymore. We are a civilized airline. You are an 'undesirable' person and we don't want to deal with your sh*t.

      Oh, but wait, what's that jangling in your pocket...
      NOW you're starting to get it!!!! GLORY~!