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Tibet Airlines A-319 aborts takeoff

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    Originally posted by TeeVee View Post
    @3WE: i knew someone was going to bring up the SFO incident but i seem to recall that the poor girl has hidden in foam. even if not, if they were using their siren, it clearly didn't help...
    The fact that it didn't help in one (or many specific) examples doesn't mean that it doesn't have the potential to help. The potential goodness of having an aural alert of a truck incoming into an area where passengers are evacuating amid fire, smoke and confusion is self evident.

    (and I know you didn't say that the SFO case proves that the sirens are useless, and you know I didn't say that you said it)

    In addition to all that, I suppose that sirens are standard equipment in all firetrucks and while airport firetrucks are quite specific they may be used in other applications, so probably it doesn't make sense to have a sirened design and siren-less design.

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      Sorry I forgot the link. I alway check


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        Originally posted by Gabriel View Post

        Video: 3 fire trucks responding, NONE of them using sirens
        Someone should sue them.