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  • En Garde! Crew Resource Combat...

    Air France pilots suspended after a gloving in the cockpit during flight. Apparently there was no room for a proper duel with sabres.

    Things are finally coming to light about the culture at Air France:

    A report from the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) is concerned about “a certain culture established among certain Air France crews which favors a tendency to underestimate the contribution of a strict application of procedures for safety” and calls on the company to “put compliance with procedures back at the center of the company’s safety culture”.

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    Not even a 90min flight. Couldn't get along for an hour and a half?


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      France also has media-polarized politics. We probably need a sterile cockpit rule for that.


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        Cabin crew intervened and one crew member spent the flight in the cockpit with the pilots
        Perfect CRM and judgement. Make that cabin crew member a pilot!

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