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Lufthansa being very German about Apple Airtags

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  • Lufthansa being very German about Apple Airtags

    I'm typically one to embrace better-safe-than-sorry, but even I don't see the logic here. Lufthansa won't let the devices be activated during flight because t e c h n i c a l l y speaking, as 'personal electronic devices' that broadcast a signal, they are prohibited by ICAO guidelines, but I can't find any actual risk they might pose.

    If you've ever stood at a traffic signal in Germany, you know how rule-abiding they can be, as they dutifully await the green 'Ampelman' walk signal despite a complete absence of traffic. So what I think what we have here is a case of Papierkreig gegen Realitšt.

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    I heard they stood back from this decision after the bad media it caused


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      Nobody stands up to Apple and gets away with it.


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        Definitely Papierkreig gegen Realitšt, although the combatants were not quite the ones we expected. The official explanation from Lufthansa is they "misread" Part 2 section C of the ICAO guidelines, and thinking (incorrectly) that Apple airtags are powered by Lithium Ion batteries, they presumed they could classify them as "dangerous goods" and prohibit them from checked luggage.

        As usual, the official explanation raises more questions than it answers. Lithium Ion batteries are no more dangerous when they're supplying a tiny current than they are when they're off (some might argue they're actually less dangerous when trickling power!). But Lufthansa apparently made no attempt to prohibit airtags unless they were "activated", ref this tweet: Lufthansa on Twitter: "@djthomashome @Apple Hi David, Lufthansa is banning activated AirTags from luggage as they are classified as dangerous and need to be turned off./Mony" / Twitter

        There is of course the interesting side-effect that if an item of luggage with an airtag goes astray on a flight, you can promptly find out where it is when you land. Which might be embarrassing for Lufthansa ...