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E-170 lunges forward and kills rampie.

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    Originally posted by flashcrash View Post
    So the pre-arrival safety briefing stated that (i) the aircraft would be parking at the gate with its APU inoperative, (ii) one engine would remain running until ground power was connected, and (iii) no-one was to place any cones until the ground power was connected and the engines were spooled down. And yet the rampies still go out there immediately and place cones? This doesn't make any sense. Did the safety briefing really cover the information the interim report says it did?
    I’m sure it did- would the whole crew lie to cover up the head rampie?

    I have also seen some rampies that have an awfully blank look on their face that seems to say, “I don’t care about much, how long till quitting time?”

    One time on my flight, the RJ-carry-on cart got knocked over by the jet bridge as they moved it in. It’s on the opposite end of the spectrum for life and death safety, but conversely a similar level of bad practice…could have been a few bucks if it smacked the plane.
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      With 20+ years working in different industries (aviation not included) I held and atended a lot of briefings related to the work that was coming and needed to be done next. In all of them there was people that didn't care and did not pay any attention, and then the specific thing that was covered in the meeting was screwed up. Not only operators. Supervisor for example most of the time payed attention, but then didn't care to supervise and ensure execution by their operators that were not paying attention.

      Granted, it never was an immediate life-or-death situation, but instances did include work health and safety situations which could have ended up injuring someone or having long-term effects in somebody's health.

      So it was either one or the other. The safety meeting was a joke or the ones that as soon as the plane parked started to run to put cones and open cargo doors just didn't care to pay attention. What we DO know is that they didn't pay attention to the bottom and top beacon lights that were both working and indicating that the engines were running, which perhaps the most basic and #1 thing you need to know and respect if you are a rampie and want to stay alive, which a few of these rampies didn't do. SO I tend to suspect that it is more likely that they just didn't care rather than the briefing was a joke.

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        Another possibility is that the rampie did listen to the brief and saw the beacons and was aware of the engine that was running but was of the type that scoffs at danger, that sees precaution and procedure as hang-wringing cowardice for the meek and overcautious and who view potential dangers as overblown fictions.

        Right, as if a jet engine is going to reach out and hoover me in like an insect! Give me a break...
        (What a terribly humbling way to go)

        Since there are some pilots who think this, there probably are rampies who do as well. Could it have been a sort of rampie getthereitis?


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          If your eyesight is bad, know that a safety cone dies, along with the MOOD of the head rampie, who may die later due to paperwork and investigation. Aside from that and an engine overhaul, there are no other casualties.
          Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.


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            I hate the media…this really isn’t how it went down.


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            Les règles de l'aviation de base découragent de longues périodes de dur tirer vers le haut.