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Decompression event picture Iberia

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  • Decompression event picture Iberia

    Hey guys just wanted to share this picture, it was taken at the exact momement the oxygen masks dropped. A friend of mine was on the airplane on route to madrid when the masks suddenly dropped and the stewardess started screaming stuff in spanish.

    Tha captain came over the speakers and said they were going back and had to dump fuel because they were too heavy. Immediatly after that the plane took a dive opening some of the luggage bins and as a consecuence my friend's uncle got hit on the head by something and had a concussion.

    Well enough story enjoy the pic quite interesting no ppl screaming around and no top less girls screaming like in Airplane!

    BTW she couldnt tell me which airplane was but I suppose this is a picture of a 747. apocalypse survivor. 727 Fan.

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    You suppose well, looks like a 747
    - typical cabin wall pannelling and window frames
    - side rows with 3 seat abreast in Y section
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      When did this happen? Did Iberia get rid of their 747's?


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        Originally posted by JordanD
        When did this happen? Did Iberia get rid of their 747's?
        This must have been about 2-3 years ago. apocalypse survivor. 727 Fan.