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Re-Start of ITS's Runway Incident Thread

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  • Re-Start of ITS's Runway Incident Thread

    That was one of the most interesting threads I have ever read on So I wanted to give it a chance to continue here, if ITS and the others are so inclined.

    So lets see.....Dummy young instructor....landing behind plane on same runway....go!

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    Know what you're saying Sammy, but according to HB & DMM elsewhere it looks pretty unlikely that ITS will be posting on here, at least in the foreseeable


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      Yeh, ITS is outa here.
      Everyone made like DB Cooper.


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        Hmm I didn't see that one. Couldn't find it in Google's caches, either. Anybody got it archived?
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          We have to remember that ITS stressed that all he wanted was to have a polite visit about the incident, but that the instructor was pretty jerky about the incident, which fueled a bunch of talk about puppy mill pilots with "Tom Cruise" attitudes.

          The other thing that should be remembered is that although this was very naughty and a horrible example for the guy's student, in all likely hood this was well within the capabilities of a Cessna 150 to land on the available runway behind ATS.
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