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Theory of "Plane Crashes"

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  • Theory of "Plane Crashes"

    I just came back from my Egypt trip, and I went through four flights. It was during these flights that I was reminded of the recent plane crashes. Here are the run-downs of the most recent crashes:

    June 30, 2009 - A Yemen Airways aircraft carrying a total of 153 people crashes in the waters of the Indian Ocean archipelago of Comoros.

    June 1, 2009 - An Air France Airbus A330-200 jetliner carrying 228 people crashes over the Atlantic. 51 bodies and 600 pieces of wreckage are recovered before the search for survivors is called off on June 26.

    May 20, 2009 - An Indonesian C130 military transport plane carrying 110 passengers and crew crashes and bursts into flames 6.5 km from the Iswahyudi air force base in East Java while preparing to land, killing 98 people including two on the ground.

    15 July, 2009 - Caspian Airlines is completely destroyed in the crash Jannatabad, Iran. All 153 passengers and 15 crew members were killed. Among the victims were members of Iran's youth judo team, including eight athletes and two coaches.

    24 July, 2009 - Aria Air crashed an aircraft that was on a scheduled domestic flight from Tehran, Iran to Mashhad, Iran. After landing, there was a tire burst and the aircraft skidded on the runaway, hitting an airport fence and an electricity pylon.

    In my opinion, these increased number of plane crashes is not without reason. In fact, I believe these crashes are attributed to the recent economic downturn. When an airline does not earn enough money, it needs to find ways to cut down on costs. However, not all costs can be cut down. For example, fuel, catering, pilots salary, and airline parking fees are not going to decrease in any case. The only cost that can be lowered without anyone outside of the airline knowing is maintenance. By lowering maintenance costs, planes are more vulnerable to accidents, thus resulting in the airplane crashes.

    What do you think?

    - by D-Wang & Ben-R

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    That thought did cross my mind. In past decades, recessions were spotty. Since globalization, the stupidity of bankers can now afflict every country in the world (sidebar: just learned my employer, a bank, has a CDO department! Just what I wanted to hear). Anyway, due to the dogma that says unbridled competition is in everyone's interest, no airline is allowed to build up any cushion that would support "luxuries" like proper maintenance. I wouldn't be a bit surprised that there is a reality that News Corporation and its ilk can't be bothered to report, namely, that all these unbridled corporations are skimping on everything important in order to keep the stock from tanking worse. Massive greed-based failures never seem to teach executives with stock-options anything.

    Flight-lovers will cozy up with the statistics on safety till they become one.