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Small plane, helicopter collide over Hudson River

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    Originally posted by Deadstick View Post
    It still seems simpler to me to have four altitudes based on direction and fixed wing/rotary. Keep the helos low and the fixed wings high with designated entry and exit points and you go a long way toward resolving conflicts.
    Having prescribed lanes does not protect against collisions unless everyone behaves flawlessly and there are no equipment failures. Just look at the concrete lane dividers on the average highway and count the tiremarks. Unfortunately, we cannot install concrete lane dividers in the sky, and, as this incident illustrates, pilots are prone to error as well. Consider how quickly a stricken fixed wing can lose 300 feet vertically and 1/4 mile laterally. That's your margin of protection?

    The safe solution, the only safe solution, is less traffic in the pattern. This is more of a business regulation issue than an FAA issue, and that is why I blame the city and not the Feds.


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      I think the majority of the blame should be on the pilots. However ATC seems to be derelict and abusing their position. If they were doing their job properly and had their focus more on their job they would have more likely noticed the mistake the pilot made and might have been able to avert disaster.

      FAA Releases Tapes of Air Traffic Controller's Dead Cat Jokes Before Midair Crash

      WASHINGTON A control tower recording captured an air traffic controller bantering about a dead cat with a giggling female friend as a small plane flew toward a collision with a helicopter, according to a recording released Thursday by the Federal Aviation Administration.
      Source and full story,2933,...est=latestnews

      Audio (MP3)