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BMI A330 seats cancelled, load order changed, wondering why...

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    So when you see a line at the aft end of the aircraft all waiting to use the lavatory the autopilot is constantly adjusting? I never thought about that.


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      Originally posted by P3_Super_Bee View Post
      Forward cargo hold door inop so all cargo/luggage to the rear, meaning pax to the front..
      A similar issue happened to us leaving from Paris on Zoom Airlines in 2004. Low passenger load ~60 people on a 767, and they told us that all of the baggage had been loaded in the rear of the aircraft, and the dispatcher had requested that all passengers be moved to fill the first 10 rows of seats for the takeoff and until we got to cruising altitude.

      We all thought it was a little strange, but we didn't really worry about it.