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Work Hard. Fly Right, Just not to Rochester.

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  • Work Hard. Fly Right, Just not to Rochester.

    This story caught me eye:

    A Continental regional jet with 47 pax was detained on the ground in Rochester Minnesota for five and a half hours, from 12:30am to 6:00 am without ground services because Continental had no ground personal in Rochester. The flight was bound for MSP but diverted due to strong thunderstorms. After hours on the ground, food ran out and the toilets were overflowing. Despite the pleas of the pilots to local Mesaba Airlines (NWA/Delta) officials, the pax were not allowed to deplane. The reason cited was security, which I find ridiculous.

    Transportation secretary Ray LaHood stated, "There was a complete lack of common sense here."

    I am also concerned that events like this will result in pilots being more resistant to divert to airports that their airline does not support. It seems like a punitive experience that could have a deterrent effect. Regardless of airline, all airports should be welcoming and supportive of diverted flights if aviation safety is going to be a priority.

    I assume the flight could not continue to MSP earlier due to airport ATC operating hours. I suppose they can't make exceptions for diverted flights?

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    Two pages of discussion here:


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      Sorry, didn't see that. I thought it had a relevance for air safety discussion.